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Your Generous Home is a course that teaches "Everyday Hospitality" for busy moms with limited time, space and resources. I started this course for moms like me who want their homes to be a generous and welcoming place for family and friends without going crazy in the process...thats right--we can do this!! Click the link below to check out a simple course I created or scroll down for more information on me and some free resources that can help you make life generously beautiful today!



My name is Rebekah Frost. I am a mother to two beautiful boys, Liam (4) and Ari (1). I have been married for 6 years to my wonderful husband, Ryan. I am still fairly new at the whole "mom" thing, but it has been a fabulous adventure that inspires me to become a better person every day. Truth be told, it's not a piece of cake! I have made the choice to stay home with the kids full time, which can be isolating from much of the outside world, friends, and family.

Before becoming a parent, I traveled the world as a teacher with a Christian Missions Organization that gave me the privilege of working with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. I have a degree in International Studies and spent most of my life working with young people. My work was about investing in other people and helping them grow, and I loved it. After getting married and having kids, I had them to invest in, but I still felt like I lost a huge part of what I used to be.

However, slowly but surely, I have begun to see that as I start living intentionally, I can still live generously by opening my home up to friends, family and others. I can start with what I have. My life may have changed dramatically, but I still value investing in the people around me. And right now the best way I can do this is through everyday hospitality! The cup of coffee, the family dinner and the guest bed (or couch) are all great ways to foster connection and make a difference in someones life. That is the journey that I am on right now, and I want to share some of the valuable lessons I have learned, that you can incorporate into your life!

Your Generous Home is about learning to incorporate "Everyday Hospitality" so that you can thrive in your home, with your family, and give generously with limited time and resources. 

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